Everythings Going Perfect, But Is This Just A Phase....i Hope Not

I'm just wondering how long the "honeymoon phase" lasts?. weeks, months, is it possible for it to last years?
My now fiance and I have been getting along really great the past couple months. Personally I think its been the best couple months of our entire relationship that have been the best instead of at the beginning of our relationship, you know when u first start dating and have butterlies and are in a stage of infatuation. all you ever want to do is see or talk to them, you constantly wonder if their thinking of you like your thinking of them. all that stuff.
Well we both put eachother through alot of crap in the past year. (3 years we have been together). alot of crying and unfaithfulness, depression, anger, hurt, etc. And through all that all i asked for was him to open up to me. it took so long and we came so far. I hurt him and its the most regretful thing i have ever done in our relationship but i learned from my mistake and thought he forgave me. until he went behind my back for so long and hurt me 100x worse. i chose to forgive him and it took alot out of me. only because i couldnt picture my life without him. we both messed up our relationship but both chose to stay and work things out and so far everythings been so much better. we're more connected, we talk, laugh, txt alot more, and compliment eachother and our sex life is amazing, we have done things we both have never done before, we cuddle and makeout. But im scared it isnt going to last long and that this is just a phase. we're even engaged! thats how far things went. he's a different guy since then adn wants to work things out. am I being paranoid. I dont know but if it ends and all this lust goes down the drain then I'm going to be one unhappy wife. It scares me but I'll take the risk i guess. I love him.....
yep. my rant for the day
fairygal01 fairygal01
22-25, F
Sep 18, 2012