Rejected And Confused

Hi everybody. I am a 40 something lady and consider myself to be pretty together inside and out. I take care of my figure ,dress nice looking good for my age. All that aside people think I am pretty nice and easy going maybe to nice. I came out of 27 year marriage about 4 years ago. I met a nice guy very trustworthy old fashioned stable . I really care a great deal for him but............. I am not dead I need to be desired touched. He has some impotence issues. I have tried to speak to him but get no where. He makes me feel like I am a wild woman because I would like to have sex more than 3 times a year. I have been with him about 2 years. I am so lonely.
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46-50, F
2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

I can relate

Tough story to read darling. Wish you well in your trials.