Love Is Everything

Love is a strange thing that overwhelms your body and soul, it makes you feel something that nothing else does, but when you don't receive that love you feel the total opposite you feel emptiness, loneliness, pure darkness, we've all felt this way maybe just for a second or even for a lifetime, love changes you, it can be an instantaneous, pure happiness in the moment and then pure sadness all because that person can do that to you, love is a manipulation that can trick you at anytime in your life, but when you find that person that gives you those great feelings of love and never the awful ones then you truly have found the meaning of life.

Love, Love is everything.
Atrueheart Atrueheart
22-25, M
2 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Yes we most likely will be hurt again, but we are the ones that keep trying because we want that true love, we have hope and will keep searching for it, i feel the worst i ever have right now because of someone that hurt me but no matter what that person cant take my Love and Hope away

Another few weeks down the line I still have no hope. I can't search. Life just isn't right anymore. I can't take the hopelessness and I can't believe real true reciprocated love exists anymore. I know you can't lose what you never really had but that doesn't make it hurt less.

Beautiful. And so true, yet I don't believe we all find the one who doesn't cause pain. Only the lucky ones find that. Whether it takes a few months, a couple years or even feel decades, most of us will get hurt again.