I Don't Understand

Why is it that no matter how insignificant the truth is they lie? Whether it is going out and having lunch with a girlfriend, or going out and having 'relations' with a stranger. I mean come on. There is obviously no need to lie about everything, I'm a pretty understanding guy. I listen, I talk things over, I like to think things through, I try and better myself through her. There is no situation that can not be broken down into conversation. We are human beings, everyone deserves to make mistakes, and be forgiven for them. But everyone has a point were they have just had enough.

The truth is you see. I'm in a relationship that was founded on lies. Right from day one, I have been lied to. Obviously I didn't know at the start. But I don't believe that this is not a reason to end it. People can be forgiven things can be sorted out. If both people in the relationship want to see a change in themselves for the better then things can only look up. But how do you know that this isn't a lie?

The one thing about being in a relationship with a liar, I have learnt to read all the tell tale signs that someone is lying. You start with body language, tone of voice, and pay close attention to there eyes. But even when you have found out that they have lied, they might keep lying to you.

I have to be honest here. I love this girl. Every time I'm with her everything seems brighter. But I have just had enough of the lies.
RegRob RegRob
Sep 23, 2012