I Need Some One

every day i wake up alone i see lover that so happy i hate them so much i ask whats wrong with me im 16 im strong smart sweet but whats wrong with me girls say i would date u but ur to nice ur like a girlfriend not aboyfriend whats wrong with me i jst want to be loved but no one wants to give me a chance i feel so alone the pain hurts so much i could die
vice13 vice13
1 Response Dec 14, 2012

Dont worry, your 16.. A young lad. Whoever told you you're too nice, wth? They can go to hell. Ask any 20 year old girl if she'd like a bad boy or a charming lad.. She'll pick the nice one coz she's had enough of being hurt by the bad boy. Coz your 16, girls your age are drawn to the bad boys that treat em like dirt. They get older and realise its the nice boys that are charming and romantic.. They realise they're more attracted to these nice boys now. Since you're still a young teen, I'd say focus on your boys, go out and have fun and be wild with ya mates. Your friends are gona be more important at this time in your life. You'll have plenty of time to ask girls out on dates in university or when your much older. I garuntee you you will meet someone in the future. Right now have fun and don't feel the need to find a partner. Can i also add that since you're 16.. Girls your age are still young and trying to find out more about themselves. They're at the age where they are starting to want to flirt with guys and talking about sex with their freinds. Finding a relationship right now is really not important.. It wouldn't last anyway. When i was 16, i got a dog.. He was the best thing in my life at that time and got me outta trouble with the other people my age. Get a dog, it'll bring joy to your life. This is going to be a tough time in your life. Once you hit 18-19.. Thank god you made it. Things will be alright after that. Take care of yourself. X