Im An Accident

Today my mum called me an accident. That pretty much says it all but I would like to elaborate. I stay in school,I dont do drugs,I dont drink,I dont go out with my friends too often,I dont get into trouble,I take care of my younger siblings. What more could she ask of me? And it seems she cares more for my adopted sister than my brother and I? And Ive already had enough of problems in school where everyone is a ***** to me and I dont have any real friends,I come home to this ****? My father doesnt care what I do as long as I show him good grades. Im not even sure if he knows my birthday. F my life
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2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

almost every kid is an Accident, listen what do u want. your parents love u no matter what they say. there is a friend 4 everybody in school, u just maybe not doing it right

Think many of us were, I am sorry to say or in my case, I was told about 10 years ago by my sister is I was an after effect of a rape as my mother took milk to a person house he raped her.
She never told any one but the boy she married and she had twins they wanted a girl but the girl was born dead and it was my fault.
Which i why i felt so alone and like an outside they never did any more for me then they had too
That all changed at 12 when my best friends mother gave me a home and i learned the true meaning of love