To every one whom is reading this, please don’t take it for granted, it tells a very sensitive subject of mine and somewhere hurtful, i hope you’ll like it for it is after all my first proclamation of something beautiful and personal happend to me, hopeffuly you wouldn’t juudge me for it.

It has been quite some time since I’ve last talked or seen mokrem, the guy I came with in the bus coming from Annaba to Guelma, though I didn’t figured it out at the time I think I unwillingly knew the I am all over him, not latterly but yes I was and still, it was so easy to talk to him like the whole universe and all the stars within aligned to bring together that day, I can’t believe I’m saying this but I am hocked, he is like the brother I never had, the friend I’ll always be longing for, and the me I’ll never be, the fear of our separation was I the horizon as we got closer home, my fear grow along with it, I didn’t want to stop talking to him he was amazingly amazing especially in the way he got along with every single thought of my crazy many, I was so easy to do that with him for all that I knew is that this is our moments and I couldn’t be anymore grateful for our little infinity yet the longing for more was there it seemed as if I wanted to posses him purely for me and not let anyone get anywhere near him, I wasn’t about to let the selfish me take over the situation after it got so perfect, so I didn’t let it and I hilled back, I he was listening to music when I decided to ask him something, as a gesture of kindness and an invite to conversant in order to keep one and another busy of something because I was getting ridiculously bored and thank for him for he kept me occupied and got my head out of the gutter, I as so happy and thankful but I did want more I’m not going to lie he was everything I’m not whish only made me want to spend as long as possible of the time we had left figuring him out so that I’ll know what should I change and should I keep yet I was wrong I can’t believe how wrong was I, at the end of our journey he mentioned something that changed my life upside down even though I thought of it before and I already messed me up, but he did, and it made me so happy that he did, he said “I’ve been so many places before and one thing I’ve learn for sure is that people are almost all the same what makes them deferent is how much they love their selves and if they love their selves enough then they will eventually love others for who they really are and what they want them to be” those words fell like rain on me, the comfort I had listening to him saying that was sensational, I latterly can’t see myself hearing the same words from someone else and having the same amount of relief that I had with him, I didn’t want o say it in front of him but I think I like him, just before we got out of the bus I had this awful feeling of being apart of someone who was the real me I never got to be, s I stepped out and my feet touched the ground it felt like I was flying and suddenly fell down, I thought I could fly so why did I drown ? I guess I’ll never know but I had an amazing rush of easiness once I said to him goodbye, something inside of me was appeased and made me think that everything will turn out just fine and that someday I’ll meet him once more.

And to give this little story happy ending I did met him again, it wasn’t a long conversation, it was more likes hey how are yaw…good! Later?! Anyway I was happy that I got the chance to see him again and I think it might be the last time I’ll ever see his beautiful face and his captivating smile, as if life it‘s self smiled to me, his simply bright brown eyes and his way of saying hi, enough of him won’t be enough for all that sofas is all of him, no measure of time seems enough with him but if loves floats and yes leaps out of his lips, only forever would great to start with, this is not n infatuation as I thought at first, this feels greater than I’ve ever wanted and perhaps he would be and hopefully will be the one, all my life I have imagined that falling in love with the person of my dreams would be predictable and would go just as I want it to be but no, it wasn’t like this not at all, this love was, is easy it is the simplest thing I had to do, actually I didn’t even have to do a single bit, it just happened and when it happens you just know, it is as simple as that believe me it can be a little rough at first but it gets easier to just open up and reveal your true colors, that’s what love is simple and complicated, dangerous and safe, incredibly close and extremely loud, it is unbelievably conflicted and synchronized, it just happens so let it be.
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I agree completely, when I met the one, that was it, I did not have to go into different ways of speaking, he knew me, even when I tried to be different he said whats wrong I said nothing is wrong he then replied "Be yourself" I ma not going to like you any other way, like you said Sam, if you do not like yourself who else will? Preach on my brother:)

Love us so rare when it happens like this, it is to be treasured and remembered, even if you never see him again you learned thatYou could love, and if you can love, then you are open to being loved, that is probably the lesson here, I have read that every time your heart is broken, it let's a little more light shine it, so let your heart remember and keep loving.
You will have those precious memories for a lifetime.

Very well said Samaien. Something similar happened to me when I was at work a couple of years ago. A guy walked in and applied for a job, he semed to have a light around him. I did not know him or had ever seen him before. But, in that moment I was in love. Crazy I know but there it was. He got the job and we talked a little bit and I did not want to scare him away, so I kept conversations short. About three months later, I was waiting for my ride home, he walked up we talked for a moment, and while we were bothing at the door he took my hand. He didn't even look at me. It was the most natural thing that could have ever happed. We have been together for the last 5 years. So, you are very right love comes out of no where and if your not ready you will miss it. Thank you posting :)

You have a wonderful way of describing your emotions. I enjoyed reading this!

Thank you, my spelling wasn't that great,but you understood the emotion:)

yes I did, just remember that it's all about what's inside, nothing else matters.

thank you so much, it really means a lot that you enjoyed it

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