Have you just ever wanted to be held for a very long time or maybe even just be happy with the thought that when no one in the world but your partner feels some type of way about you ?
Just to tell you ," Hey babe your beautiful/handsome" ...
Or even just a simple ," I love you".. (besides hearing it from your grama, or mom/dad lol)
It's like sometimes I feel so empty without someone , this generation is so messed up that everyone thinks someone is just trying to play them ...
People always say im better off alone but noo I disagree,
Whether your straight, gay, confused even unsure there is someone out there for you !!
I just want to be loved.
I just want to feel important to someone.
I just want to be sooo happy with someone that I cant stay madat them for a long time , we can just hold and confort each other with out getting sexual ...

I just want to be loved... but that seems like it'll never happen
insanebeauty insanebeauty
26-30, F
2 Responses Aug 16, 2014

If you're as beautiful as your username you should have no shortage of lovers! Seriously you are far too young to despair. I was in my thirties when I met the love of my life, now happily married for nearly 40 years. Keep looking, keep hoping, but don't throw yourself at the first prospect. You are too precious and deserve only the best.

I completely relate!