I Got What I Deserved

My bf had a hard days work and got home late for our evening meal, i had a pretty crap day so was being a bit bitchy.. he sat down at the table to eat and hadn't even showered or taken his work clothes off so i kept on at him and it was at the point i said and "dont think im going anywhere near you until you have washed" he put down his knife and fork got up walked over to me and grabbed me saying "look i have had a hell of a day today, the least you can do is be nice" i went to push him away but he wouldnt let go i called him a few things and that was that he span me around and threw me over the table, the gravy bowl and my plate went flying and i hit the table pretty hard aswell which knocked the wind out of me, he didnt say anything, he took off his belt undid his jeans, nearly ripped my skirt off, actually did rip off my knickers, by this point all it took was a touch to get wet and he gave me such a hard **** i'm still in shock now.. it was amazing . Now he is fast asleep and im recovering lol

He did say sorry if he hurt me when i hit the table by the way but not until after but i'm fine.

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7 Responses Mar 13, 2010

Great story, so has he taken you like that since? Lucky guy who gets to fire his load into you.

I had a girlfriend years ago, well, she had a boyfriend and I had another girlfriend. We would meet up in a hotel once in a while and I would just attack her. I would pull her hair, slap her, throw her on the bed and rip off her clothes and **** her raw. <br />
I would shove my **** in her mouth untill she gagged and then more. <br />
<br />
She said her boyfriend was too nice and she loved our meetings. She went away to college and that was that. So there are more girls than you think that like it rough.

wow thats hot Faye ! Liked the way you presented it :)

sounds like my kind of man. A real one! I can't stand wimps who wish they had been born neuters of something... I walk all over them. What I want and need is a man who will take me in hand and show me what he's made of!

Happy for you. Very erotic


One amazing and erotic story!! thx for sharing..