You And I

I want to be someones first thought when they wake and there last thought before they close there eyes to sleep.I want your face to light up when you see me come into a room.I want to hug and be hugged even when we haven't been away from each other for long.I want to be the kind of partner that as you run out of your deoderant,soap or your socks are filled with holes I notice and replace them without being asked.I would love for you to bring me wild flowers from the side of the road.For you to have candy during your day and save me some just so we can share.To be the one you bring home a stuffed animal from the claw machine when you stopped only to get milk.
You saw it and it said"please take me home to her". I want to lie on the couch with you and watch whatever,because it's not the show that matters. All I have ever wanted is to love and be loved just as much. I have only ever wanted is to be that one person who no one and nothing could ever replace.
To be your one and only and you my only one and nothing else makes us happier.
BrokenFairytale BrokenFairytale
26-30, F
4 Responses Sep 24, 2012

I think we all want that :-)

Yes I do believe.

So pray this beautiful desire comes true.

thee is nothing wrong with wanting to be loved completly by someone you are young love will come be patient love is waiting for you . vinny