Running On Empty (poem)

Running on empty again
Just hiding away from my friends
Don't want to make the effort to dress
I am just flat out and don't want to impress
The inner voices chatter in my head
Saying things like I wish I was dead
I get so tired of taking the pills
And life's struggle seems all uphill
Though I fight this struggle within
feeling fat when I want to be thin
the pressure is pulling me down
A once an easy smile is becoming a frown
and I am so angry a lot of the time
Just want to be away from the family that's mine
It's just my kids that keep me hanging on
But I know I can't just go on
Competing in the war in my head
When more often I want to check out instead
But I remain silent still praying it will all end
Running on empty.
c4711 c4711
36-40, F
Apr 20, 2011