A Simple Dream!

Sometimes I see the credits rolling in my head the opening scene. It's almost at sunset the sky rosey pink with copper and gold tones. I know I am sitting in a rocking chair content holding hands with my partner, aware that all feels right in the world. I turn to my partner and just smile knowing that this speaks volumes and that there is no need for words.

She smiles back, I just rock away slowly knowing that I have arrived at where I am meant to be!

A short scene I know but its my dream! I wonder if I will ever experience this as time goes by picking up speed as I age I wonder with a sense of longing if she is out there waiting to find me as I wait always with hope that someday my dream will be realised!!
c4711 c4711
36-40, F
1 Response May 9, 2012

Hey c4711, keep the faith, and keep the hope.<br />
Sometimes it's what we need to fall back on to get through.<br />
: )