Why They Cry...

i want to cry and im sure as soon as im with a girl friend i will break down and sob for the most stupid thing ever. my bf cheated on me. i cared about him and he cheated. got it hurts. it hurts so bad. i gave him no reason to cheat, i didnt do anything wrong, he didnt want to break up with me so he cheated on me. did i desirve that? did i? if so tell me what i did wrong! please!

i was worried about him because things were falling apart in his life and then he just stops calling. for three weeks. i get a message to him from the computer telling him its over and then i find out he was cheeting from of all people my mother! who happened to see him with this girl. he is soo sorry, but i dont care. im hurt, but its not him im hurt at... idk maybe its just the cheating part... it hurts, now i see why the others cry...

DarkAmber DarkAmber
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 12, 2010

thank you i already have thx to god but its weird how people arnt as grown up as they seem. im gonna just stay single for a while.