I Just Want to Like Myself!

I want to stop expecting my Mother to care about me, and be able to feel good about who I am.  I should feel good about myself for raising two children on my own and they are wonderful children, very caring to me.  They want to help but they can't make me feel good about myself.  I have a hard time at work because I don't feel I'm as good as the other people I work with.  This has been true with any job I've had.  Trying to deal with depression has cost me a few good jobs.  and I dropped out of a community college years ago because I didn't feel as smart as the other students.  I wish I could stop hating myself. 
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56-60, F
1 Response Jul 21, 2007

ohh, my. I really really hope things turn around for you. Life is full of demons...that is no secret but one really is helpless when when the demon to be fought is intrinsic to their own nature...not an external specter to combat...I would really love to give you good advise, if for no other reason than to imply that I have found away around such a curse...but I have not...Not a day goes by when I lift the profusion of insult I cast upon myself....it is horrible....but I suppose I needn't tell you that...like I said, I hope things get better for you, appreciate you creating this experience...and hope that u will tell me if you find away around this....so I can too ;)