I Just Want To Get Married

I hate dating. I was trying to find some sites about marriage after I heard about a site that was due looking for some moderators for a site that isn't open yet and it was called ijustwanttogetmarried.com and I can't wait for that to open. Because I don't want to date and I want the guy I get involved with to know up front that I want to get married and settle down NOW and not wait and wonder when or IF he will ever "pop the question". If I go into a situation where I meet someone that I like their profile, is it wrong of me to think or want that right up front, I really want to get married and not spend the rest of my life alone and my MAIN goal is to get married? Is that scary to guys? Most guys? only some guys?

How do you guys feel or will this site only be full of women? lol
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i feel the same i just want to get married

I know that lots of people, especially us women, dream of getting married, settling down, and having a family. I'm in a great relationship and have been for the last two and a half years, and needless to say I'm just waiting for him to pop the question. The dating game has never appealed to me, in fact I hate the first few months of most relationships because they are so awkward and you just want to get to a comfortable point with that person. There have been plenty of days where I've thought " it would be nice to just get married and have kids, and then life would be good." The thing is, my dream of marriage and kids lasts for the rest of my life. I don't want to make the wrong decision and end up back in the dating game ten years from now, and my guess is that you don't either. <br />
My advice to you would be to stop focusing on getting married and having kids, and love will find you much sooner. It just sounds like you're trying to force something that isn't there yet, and in the long run that will result in you being even more unhappy. Just try to have fun and meet lots of different guys, and sooner or later the right one is going to find you and you can have everything you want. It's fine to let men know up front that you're looking to settle down, but also get to know them and let them know that there is more to you than just wanting a husband and children.

Hi I feel the same way and I am a guy I just want to settle down and get married and have kids and I am also sick of dating

let's do it

That would be a good way to start the new year - let us know what happen...

lol, i will

did he get back to you or did he get hitched already if I dare ask ... I mean he wrote that like since 2010 right, so...

Nah....he hasn't gotten back to me yet----I knew it was along shot since it was 2 years ago lol. But worry not----I met someone recently, we totally clicked, like we were made for each other, plus we are on the same page as far as marriage. *Knock on wood* (I don't want to jinx it, but we could be married as soon as March! lol I will keep you posted!

Wow! YOU ARE FAST! lol I'm VERY happy for you! I hope it works. I wish you two all the best!!! So you must be very belated right now and perhaps busy? Is it gonna be a big thing or a simple one? Did he pop the question already?

Yeah "knock on wood" lol - is that american for "touch wood"? lol

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HI. I feel exactly the same way. I've just had my boyfriend break up with me and I'm SICK OF DATING. I just want to get married already.

It's been 2 yrs since you posted this. So what happen? Did you succeed yet? I'm sure it will come.