I Am Left Behind

as a person, there are so many things i wanted to get,  i wanted to have, and things/people i always dreamed of. but getting married and having kids' tops on my list. i always dreamed of having my own family, a happy and healthy family. who doesn't? i always imagine myself, going home after work where my wife's busy preparing dinner and my kids were excited to say hi dad and kiss me and hug me tight. that's the best thing in the world for me.

i know, it will be just a dream for me, i know its not yet late for it, but i dont know, guess i couldnt find the girl who will like me for who i trully am. for my age, people are getting ready to settle down, making their own family, but for me, im stuck to being single for quite some time now.

now, the scenario is getting worst. im left behind. my friends were happy to have their own family or at least planning for it. especially when i found out that my younger brother got his girlfriend pregnant. i was like "seriously?" why? it was like a slapped in my face really. that i am not even close to having it. i envy these people who can have their life like that. i just wish, they know how to handle it. and i just wish, i could get that kind of life i always dreamed of. my friends left me behind, my lil brother did it as well, all of them are settling down, while me, just sitting down, and watching them as they get married one by one.

i know marriage is a risk, it will change a lot in your life, but i dont really care, because for me, whatever circumstances that i need to face, im sure that i will face them whole heartedly, for my wife, my kids and myself, in short, my family. *sigh* how i wish.
iammighty iammighty
22-25, M
Nov 30, 2012