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Do You Know What?

I think I will.


Night night, EP :)

Emptysoul30 Emptysoul30 22-25, M 11 Responses Nov 7, 2009

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Are you trying to win me over with killer plastic bins? REALLY Empty?! *laughing and shaking head*

You should watch the first episode, it's about killer plastic bins and mannequins :P

OMG! I think not! I'm sorry, but this is just way to 'out there' for me :D<br />
<br />
*Giggle*<br />
<br />
I'm gonna turn you into a Doctor fan if it's the last thing I do! :P

*shakes head* ooooh yay! it's all jiggly and stuff :D *weeee*

*pours Time Vortex into Cici's head*<br />
<br />
HA! Now what ya gonna do!? :P

*rolls eyes behind emptys back* <br />
<br />
oh yes, poor Donna (:

Donna's head hurt too :(

You think to much! I bet your head hurts :D lol

Well, I was scrolling through my experiences and this was there, so I thought "Why not?" :P

Goodnight empty :) <br />
you'll do anything to write a story won't you? :P