Spanish Guitar

To my Sweet kitti...



In dreams I dream everyday under the sun

I wish to meet you and tell you what you are

To me and to say what you have done

By just being who you are even though far.


I pray one day we’ll meet and be under the same star

Forever To tell each other things to laugh and smile,

To even share the sorrow listening to the strumming guitar

Playing the tune in a sad Spanish style.


N  whenever you cry. I'll wipe away the sadness in your eyes,

 I’ll just kiss your lips giving you my smile

N hold you tight protecting you from the world of lies,

 Loving you forever with all my heart without guile.

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26-30, M
2 Responses Feb 19, 2010

*holds you tight and kisses you softly on your sweet lips* you're welcome sweetie....thank you..*kisses you again*

This is so lyrical and beautiful .. that you can set it to music .. truly .. thank you my darling for such a beautiful poem have a talent for heartwarming prose I hope you truly appreciate the gift you have ..thank you so much *hugs scribs tightly and kisses you gently * thank you scribs from the bottom of my heart