Help Me.. Written By Me

want to be me?

i don't believe

nobody believes in me

i never learn

burn my pictures

because i'm not happy with you

say your advice, say it twice

but shut your mouth

i know i need help


today wasn't a good day

i depress my friends

and i can't understand my family

it all went downhill

after this girl left me here

but i dont blame her

i'm useless, and lazy

if you'd met me

you probably hate me

old friends pointing at me

"look he's in the pharmacy"


i went to the doctor

and i asked for

a way to make my pain stop

this burning feeling

a new medication..... thanks a lot

you say youd wish me the best

but theres too much stress

i'd probably mess it up

see my face, what does it say?

everything is my fault, and i don't know if i could stop.


girl i use to love you

i'm done with you

i'm all alone

thought of you

hurts my mind

it hurts my bones


my family thinks i'm lazy

and in school i go crazy

when teachers say i can't do anything

i use to help everybody

so where is everybody

when i ask to help me


when is the next time i'll fall in love?

who knows

how will i find somebody

if my hobbies is to sleep alone

is another friend going to steal a girl i like?

its just an ongoing fight


words i held back

haven't slept yet

this is why i feel annoyed

i've tried hard to keep you

but you left for him

nobody cares

so i dissapear

i don't belong here.


joe0ner joe0ner
18-21, M
3 Responses Dec 5, 2009

i liked it, i could feel your pain to an extent...i dont feel bad for you for having these memory's cause that would only invite pity or a fake feeling....but i do hope you learn and accept that your special and others just suck for not seeing it, and for taking advantage of you and your and keep living in the dream of happieness....

I feel your pain, and i would be there for you...i would not point and laugh, i would be right there by your side helping you through the hard times and try to give you the best advice that i could ever give to anyone...i would be ther for you, so don't feel useless. because you're not...

thank you very much for my poem<br />
<br />
and it's experience.<br />
<br />
everything is true here