Don't We All?

Aren't there times when you just want to let it all out?

Just want to run into the middle of the world and scream until the release collapses everything you have been holding back into nothingness?

Just want to tell them, tell her, tell him, let all the thoughts and feelings that you've held back run free?

And to run, skip, dance and fly through the world free of your burdens?


However, we contain these things for good reasons - the unvarnished and untimely truth hurt and destroyed more people than it ever set free, because words are never enough to carry, convey and unfurl the untameable storms that roar inside each and every one one of us.

Some things were meant to be said, but that doesn't mean everything should be said, and even what should be let go needs to bide its time.

But release would be relief beyond the telling.
TheTardyDodo TheTardyDodo
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6 Responses Jun 23, 2007

I, sadly, say every thing on my mind when I'm drunk & or bussed to my loved ones. I say pretty hurtful things. I guess I think I can say what I want to my loved ones because they'll still love me. But when am I going to realize that the "truth serum, wine" is going to get me into so much trouble with saying something my loved ones wont let me take back?

I knew a woman in her eighties who confided in me that when things just got to be too much, she and a girlfriend would collect all the chipped up old china they could find and drive it into the country. They'd pick a promising stone wall and fling every dish against it till the lot was busted into bits. And then drive away.

I have, in the past, thought about raging against the world like that also. But every time I visualise myself actually going to such a place, I simply can not see myself releasing in the way intended.<br />
<br />
Nature is just too calming for me. I find that without people to complicate it, the world is a place of completeness; life-cycles and meanings that are complete within themselves without needing *reasons* or other human nonsense.

Hey,<br />
The one thing I have always wanted to do, well, for the past 6 years or so, is to go out into the woods, middle of nowhere and have a major freakout. I would beat on the earth with sticks and fists, and scream and curse at the skies until I`ve unburdened myself. And it would be so great, to just let it rip, opening me out and letting fly all the rage, pain, and disappointment of so many injustices done...<br />
But. Now. If someone said to me, c`mon, let`s go, let`s do this thing, would I?<br />
Would I venture out and try to inflict my rage onto the ground and sky? Or maybe it`s just best in those moments when I really wanted to. Either way, the urge is undeniable. We all need to freak out every once in a while. <br />
I learned the proper way to have a temper-tantrum, in something called a Vesuvius, but still, there aren`t many places that are soundproofed around me that I know of...

...just to let it all out would be wonderful... even better is to have someone there who understands...

To me its sounds like you are describing being a child... Yeah, being a kid was great!