One In A Gabillion...

Hello everyone who actually reads this..

     So ill start off by letting all of you know I am currently a 2nd year college student. I am all 'grown up.' I live with 4 other roommates. One being with a girl I absolutely love, named Car. (pronounced Care)

    I met Car at the beginning of last year and pretty much since day one we've connected. Hung out every day, did a lot of fun things together. Car and I, are not like most people/students, we never kissed or anything for along while, we just hung out and had a great time. For example, this one time it was just her and I hanging out and res was pretty quiet so we took her couch from res brought it outside in the middle of res, grabbed a blanket and just shared our lives with each other. It was amazing, we talked about things from our families, past relationships too the sad things that had happened in our lives. At this point in life I was loving it, being a first year college student, met amazing friends and an amazing friend that was a girl. After about a month I found myself really wanting to kiss her, so one night we had a few drinks and she allowed me to sleep over at her house but on the couch in the main room, which I had stayed there once before, so I told her okay and we both went to bed. After about 3 minutes of laying down in the main room I got up and went into her room and slept on the floor next to her bed. When we woke up she was smiling from ear to ear and actually invited me up onto her bed with her, which made me also smile ear to ear. We just laid down and talked until the moment came. It was perfect. We've locked eyes, the world started moving slow, it was time. We then kissed, just a little peck, it was the best kiss in the world. We then both smiled for ever while just laying down on her bed. After that we became more than friends but not officially dating. I found myself scared to date because we live about 5 hours away from each other, and school was zooming by, I brought this up before the Christmas holidays which lead us to our first little confuffle and rarely talked through out the break. I found myself really sad and upset about the situation we were in but due to this I realized this girl stole my heart from me. After the break, we had a talk, fixed things.. Things were looking great, I was planning on asking her the question "Will you go out with me?" but she had beat me to it. The way she had asked me was amazing though. She had left me a note in my res room, so once I came back from the class's I had, I came home to an amazing surprise. First fold, "Dear J," Second fold, ":)," Third fold, "Will you be my boyfriend?<3," At that moment when I first read this my heart smiled, I ran over to her res room hoping she was home. Luckily, she was. I told her "Yes!, I will definitely be your boyfriend." We kissed, hugged it was all around amazing. There I was dating the girl who stole my heart, I couldn't help but smile from ear to ear. See.. the thing about Car(don't forget it's pronounced Care) is she is basically the only person I can be myself around. I am a pretty shy person but when it comes to being with her and I have the time of my life. She makes me smile so much that it hurts. She has taught me to love myself for who I am, to not care about what others think about me, to just be myself and love life. She means the world to me, she is the one I want to grow old with. As I said earlier we are currently living together, along with 3 other roommates, and we are doing great. We share the basement together which is great and are doing really well. I am just really scared because I am clueless to what lays ahead of me. We are both done our programs this year, we both go back to our homes, 5 hours away from each other. We did last summer really well, I just hope her and I can work something out. I need this girl in my life. Thus far it's not looking the greatest, she wants to travel to fabulous places but im afraid I do not have the money to do so.

Over all, I just hope that these 2 years of my life with this amazing girl wont end up as just a tease of what I feel is real love.




JT2009 JT2009
18-21, M
Oct 25, 2009