A Life of Love

 All I've wanted since I was a little girl was to live as a wife, mother, lover & friend. I gave up on some of my dreams but I don't want to give up on these. I want the man who'll help me to be a better person. The one who'll love me enough to make the vows & stick to 'em. Someone who'll adopt with me if it turns out I really can't have kids of my own. Someone who'll be both lover & friend..... And I'd really like it if he'd hurt his *** UP! I'm getting sick of people saying......Oh he'll come, just keep the faith. Faith & hope don't keep the doubts at bay, they don't keep me warm at night, & they sure as HELL ain't givin' me love.......................

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1 Response Mar 17, 2009

I really can understand you. But you should not go for finding love, this won't work! Love will find you! We in Germany know a certain saying, it is: on every pot there fits a top! And although you don't want to hear my words, the best advice is pacience. Just live your life, be interested in what's around you and get surprised! Best wishes to you from all of my heart!