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i just want enough money to be able to live without having to count pennies.  I would love to have a little house of my own. Close to work .  A little piece of land with  some cats and of  course a golden lab . I know when i get everything straight i can buy a home. I am talking in like five years at least.
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2 Responses Jul 10, 2010

HI, I bought my house with very little income and no money down- 3 years ago? Is it grand? no. As long as it is tenable and you have the right ratios, they will give you a loan. I have a GREAT mortgage broker who does it all by phone and fax and on my initial phone call was able to tell the type of loan I could get and for how much and how to increase that. In one month I fixed it so I increased the loan amount from $35k to $70k, with some really simple steps. I found a house that was in probate and the family just wanted to be done with it, made an offer and moved in a month later. Is it my dream home, absolutely not but it suits my needs. The mortgage is considerably less than an efficiency apartment in the area. It can be done, don't rely on hearsay get the facts. I would be happy to give you the brokers name and number as well.

I whoould say then the only way could get this money is buy starting to save now ,there always things that you can also be thinking of to sell are buy then flip and sell .my husband and i have done all of this plus more to get the house we want with out oweing a cent ';however it does take alittle time not like years not even a year and this is for you o one with out a plain we had a plan and for 15 years now we have suck to this plan it's called buy everything owe nothing 'if you think fo it this way i anm now 32 i got married when i was 17 and i thought i just want a littie house and two years latter this happend for us and 13years later we still love our little house.