I Dont' Want To Give Up

I still have not bought my second house..  I was thaaat close to getting it last week but damn.. the owner insist in keeping to his price.   If only he is willing to reduce the price.. I would have place a deposit for it.

I am dying hard to move out from this place which I dislike so much.

I am giving myself till this month end to move .. Even if I need to go rent one studio apartment..I will do so.  The price to rent is rediculously high but I really do not have a choice. 

I need to move ..I can no longer live in a place like this one.

11 March 2010

I bought my second home 2 weeks ago!!!  It is still under construction and will be ready by September 2010.  =)

Eternal Eternal
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Thank you! x

Thank you.