I Know It's Long, But Please Just Read The Whole Thing. I Really Need Support.

I had this one "friend" since I was like 3 or 4. She was a freak, I mean everytime she saw me, she would run away, because she was shy. But then, eventually in fourth grade, because I had no friends, I started to talk to her, and we eventually became friends. Then this other girl moved to our school from Georgia, and this "friend" of mine, decided she liked this new girl more, and basically ditched me. We continued to stay "friends", through middle school, and now in high school, my life has changed so much. All my "friends" have changed sooo much. This "friend", the "friend" who moved from Georgia, all of them. They suddenly started to take an interest in guys, wear makeup, fix their hair constantly, curl their hair, talk like idiots, whatever, and I just somehow, stayed out of the loop. My old "friend", and her now best friend, the one who moved from Georgia, are always obsessing over boys, and I frankly just hate them for what they do to me. They always share secrets, and never tell me anything, like about who they like and whatnot. I always thought we were closer then that, but I guess not. My bus gets to the school at 7 and school starts at 7:25, so I have really no other choice but to talk to them, but they always just ditch me for each other, then they go off on their own, looking to stalk the boys they like. I want to still talk to them, but almost cut off all connection. I really have no other friends, I mean I have acquintances, but no true friends. No one to laugh with, no one to take weird, funny random pictures with, no one to be a teenager with. What can I do? My life is so complicated, and I am just so confused. These two are in a higher grade math class then me, and they think they are Albert Einstein because of that.Everytime I say something about my math class, they are like"Oh, your math class is so easy" and whatnot, and it's really demeaning. All I want is to study hard, in high school, become class valedictorian, and stand up to these jerks, and show them, that I am not who they think they are, and that I am worth much more then they treated me.
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hi get better acquainted with your other aquaintances . go to the ones that mean the most to you and talk to them . the other two will probably be jealous .you sound like a good kid . just try some of the others for a while .! good luck to ya ! :-) don't get in with the wrong people just because .

Hey im not in high school but im in 8th grade and i think you should just leave them you sound better than them and in few years when your walking on that stage to receive a diploma and awards you can look back at them and think "how could i have stand them for so long?" then you can look at the friends you made along the way those who supported and were there for you and smile

Hi.Im sorry for what u are going through.It would appear from reading your story that u are a young lady of some intelligence and more importantly humanity.Ditch these so call friends.There idiots and airheads and you dont need there acceptance or permission to make a success of your life which u will.Id love to see 10 years into the future to see where you end up compared to them! I know where my money will be! Good for you!
Why is experience wasted on the old?

thanks, great answer. it was very inspirational. I can't really ditch them, because then i wouldn't have any friends, but trust me, once i find some friends, i am out of there.