Last night roomie pushed my buttons and I told her about Denise.

The good thing is she very likely won’t remember this morning, because we were totally tipsy when I told her yesterday.

I don’t remember what exactly she said or did to annoy me to that extreme, but apparently she did. Sometimes my roomie can be a total biatch. Yesterday was a day to proceed with caution with her.

Anyway, usually she doesn’t let partying mess with work, but yesterday turned out to be one of those once in a blue moon days that she missed work and we partied all day, morning until night.

The weekend was wild enough. We stretched it one more day.

We’ve been partying too much. Right now it’s wee hours and amazingly I didn’t wake up feeling too terrible, but then again we drank so much I’m probably still somewhat woozy. Yeah I think I am. And I had some drinks left over. I’m going to help myself to finishing them right now lol.

Oh about Denise... we didn’t message much because I was partying with roomie and I don’t want to interact with her that way.

Also, she told me she doesn’t drink.

Haha roomie woke up a moment ago to take puppy outside. She asked, “what you doing awake?”

She also told me, “ I kicked you out last night... Do you remember that?”

My response, “Uhm... no *nodding yes...smiles*”

I just told her whatever I had to in order to get out of that mess lol. She went back to sleep.

She didn’t mention anything about Denise. Good she doesn’t remember. *naughty grins*

Shhh don’t tell her.

I got to take a break from partying. Gonna try. Roomie’s a bad influence on me, she’s parties too much.

Denise is still hanging in there with me. Subliminal message... “Don’t let go D. Please be patient with me.”

Oh I just remembered that the orientation follow up is today. I’m not going. Gotta call and reschedule. I wish I could reschedule class, too.


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May 8, 2012