Go Knight Go!


Now, now ...............dont get all pissy on me. This is a tribute for you! From the bottom of my cold little black heart

EdieQuinnz EdieQuinnz
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I want to learn how to properly possess awesome so that I too may be able to bring it.

It shall be a wonderful lesson.

Or excrete it - hehehe (cough, cough . . . choke).

Ummm. Yeah. Not awesome anymore. Besides, who's been eating the awesome??

Oh, I'm sorry for some reason I thought you wrote possum. MMMMMMM . . . . possum is so dern yummy. Us folk here in Kerntuky jus luvs it.

Don't knock critters. Goliath's grandmother made famous raccoon. Honestly, it sounded delicious.

. D:

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And what a perfect tribute it is!

. I hope he loves it

I can't wait !

. same here!

Personally I would like to thank KR for being such a good sport, and providing us with so very much entertainment. He really is the "Bringer of Awesome" - long may he continue!

...here! Here!

"The bringer of awesome". I think Knight will like this. ;)

.he better! I posted it with tons of love

I know you did sweetie. With love & hugs, & snuggles... ;)

. =)

this thread is just full of winks and grins !!

. we are happy people!

*tickles Dente*

Awh it's a huddle cuddle ... And we have knight to thank!!!

. how should we thank him? i think he deserves more tributes

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Beautiful :'-)

. *wipes tear* am so glad you loved it