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nailing the **** out of it! he is now threatening to dox me and all the feminists he doesnt like

doesn't knight go by a new name these days? can't remember it at the moment but i've see the profile pic and, if that's him, he looks like a serial killer lol

jack barnes or something like that?

Yes jerrica, he goes by JackBarnesMRA and claims that is a real picture of him. I think it is because I found another one on the internet (not gonna say where). It was obvious from the other picture that I found that he has a pretty unsatisfying life.

i wouldn\'t have posted that pic if i were him lol. he looks scary!

what do you mean, doxxing?

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Is that what he usrd to kill the hairy bat???

He dosnt even have a sword....

He\'s got a knife though... in his video on YouTube


Is that Sir Miserable hiding behind Sir Grumpy? And do miserable and grumpy buggers make good knights? I’m confused.

they really don\'t make good at anything

Perhaps he is sad because a hairy bat landed on his end table. Even still, I consider this better than him being a miserable bastard. Because those kinds of people make life miserable for everyone.

LOL @ "hairy bat on end table"

Nailed it again. He looks angry when he is really just pathetically sad.

Everything on this post so far has made me laugh :-(


Is it supposed to be funny? It makes me sad. :-(

It's explanatory.

That's true.

you don't say awwh yiss to beard tears?

Because this ---> <---- looks like you

Now, this made me lol! :-D
The man in the cartoon above made me think about a janitor I once knew. I hated him tho...

We all hated him !

Now hubs is kinda janitor in the company he works for! lolz
He doesn't have much time for that, because he's a trucker.

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Lmao - again!

watchout Jack has summoned all his manger and will now be doxxing all the feminists he doesn\'t like , IM first, Ladyblu is next, ...

lol. this is true on many levels.especially for people who try to hide all their emotions their whole lives...<br />
<br />
where do you get these pictures, dente?

My internet hate machine

how do i upgrade to that level? D:
all i have is a love

You have to win so many free internets and then you turn those in for the elite haxxor code which you use to upgrade ... It's like pokemon

*takes notes* uhuh uhah...
do i need to deposit something in your bank account?



i think NASA just tapped my phone. so i can't contact my ewok friends in planet Endor....
after all you cant spell Conspiracists without racists... *nods head repeatedly*

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lmao someone hand him a nappy

Awww. :'(

lol this is funny cause its true