Hello And So Much More - Warning To The Ones Who Hate My Mushy Side.... This Post Is For My Boyfriend

You may not write me fancy poems, paint me beautiful pictures, or sing me love songs but your heart speaks to mine and I know that you care about me and cherish me.  You are everything I want and need and this song describes my feelings mushingly perfectly!!!!  You are forever my knight in military armor.


fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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4 Responses Mar 5, 2010

I remember when you came here nitehowl. It is a fun place to be most of the time.

I know what you mean, I have been here long enough that I am starting to feel like part of the furniture myself. Like an old pair of shoes, comfy.

I have someone that loves me. I send him things on email and text but I share a lot with him in cyberspace because this is my place. I have been here so long that it is where I am most comfortable and where my friends are. I love to share my feelings not only with him, but with all our friends.

fungirlmmm, did you know they invented a thing called Email? A real good place for personal messages. You no longer have to air you feelings to the world to send a personal message. <br />
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You know I am teasing you right? Don't allow the fir on the back of you neck to get ruffled Come on now, smile or I'll just have to say something else. Say cheese!<br />
<br />
To the real stuff: I trust you have someone that puts a smile on you face daily. Then you have something to enjoy. There, now that's a smile!