I love Eric's sex. It's easy, fun, fulfilling. His **** fills me perfectly and that's so rare. I haven't found another **** that fills me so right. It's so frustrating. He's ruined me. But I don't want to stop. Ever. I've been looking/******* other men to find some resemblance, here's what I've found:

Adam: Interesting. Interesting in the sense that I don't think he knows that he could be less bi-curious and more gay. Didn't matter, I was curious and he was attractive. He came over, we talked on the couch and then he kissed me and put his hand on my crotch. I led him to my room and we undressed. He laid me down, removed my panties and took his **** out. He wasn't hard. Not even a little bit, although he was fingering me and sucking my nipples. I sucked him off but it wasn't happening. He ****** me missionary and came on my ****. He left, he was late for work. Later that night he asked me if I enjoyed myself, I lied. We haven't ****** since.

Scott: Creep. He persuaded me to come to his place at 12am "I want you, young lady" He looked attractive in photos. Photos can be misleading. Not that he wasn't attractive but he was shorter and stockier. I wore shorts and no panties. He liked that. he pulled my shorts down, put me on top of his bed and tried to **** me without a condom, he wanted to *** inside me. He didn't get too far not until he put a condom. First he ****** me missionary and it was like as soon as he was at his peak... he changed. He called me a dirty ***** and choked me. I've always been curious about choking, i didn't mind it. He just had this look.. it was crazed. Like if i angered him enough things could get ugly. Then he ****** me doggy style. He was hard but his **** wasn't too big. He was rough and i like it rough. He came on my **** and then kept thanking god for bringing me into his life, 'you are entirely something else... and 22!?' I slept over. The next morning I woke up for work, gave him a kiss goodbye and never went back/never looked back.

Ian: He's my age. I met him when he said he would be down for a MMF *********. That was the whole reason I even looked back on the dating site. He came over and he was the shyest thing ever. No confidence. No nothing. I had to watch **** with him to get him aroused enough.. and when he was aroused and asked me not to look at him while he took off his pants he said "wanna give me head now?" I did he was a bit hard already. I give good head, I know. We ****** doggy style. **** was alright.. average size. Once he was inside me it was a different person, he was dominant and rough. He came, I didn't. All the time he was there, I wondered if that was how I had been when I met Eric. I really hoped not. He texts me now and then asking if we can ****, or that he'd like to *** in my mouth. Today I told him it wasn't going to happen again.

Matt: Also my age. I told him I didn't know what I wanted but I was horny yesterday. He came after work around 11pm. He's attractive, has a temper which turns me on.. someone who is angry will **** rougher, right? I wore the green short dress with no panties and straddled him while the music played. We undressed in the living room, he was hard and I gave him a blow job.. once we sat and i continued blowing him he fingered my *****. He liked my mouth on him, I liked his **** and his fingers. We ****** on the couch doggy style and because I am really tight he stopped and fingered me some more while pulling my hair and spanking my ***. He said he wanted to **** on the bed. I got on top of him and we ****** like that. We used my vibrator a little but he rest of the time I just rode him. He liked my *****. We switched positions and he ****** me missionary. With my legs on top of his shoulders. He ****** me hard and he chocked me, he teased me, pulling in and out and slipping his **** between my ***** lips. He smacked my *** so hard it left a handprint. He moved us to the living room again where I sucked him off and he came in my mouth. The only problem is that he kept slipping out, i had to use the lube on his **** and my *****.. Oh well, I'm keeping him. I told him so.

I'm keeping Eric too though.

mapauhan mapauhan
22-25, F
Aug 17, 2014