It Nauseating To Me

I have seen timeless and I can't take it I must say this.
I have told many of people this.
I am quite sure everyone will agree that some public restrooms can be nasty.
Not to say the least germy!
Well I have seen so many women when using them put their personal things on the floor
while they are using the bathroom.
I never ever put my pocket book or keys on the floor beside the toliet!
I have even seen alot of females lay their books on the floor at school.
How nastier can it get.
I have even seen them lay their books on the nasty sinks and for what?
Why even wash their hands!!!!
I hang my pocket book on the top of the door
I lay my books in the window seal or they be in my pull book bag.
I never ever lay my keys down in a rest room at no times!
I am saying this in hopes of making females more aware of the bateria they can contract from such actions!
I Care!
Babeondwy Babeondwy
41-45, F
Oct 6, 2011