I Have To Do This..

This is for all my circle here on EP, I apologize to you all for what I wrote earlier in the group "I Am Annoyed By Negative People" it was basically on only like 2% of my circle activity I see daily, and it was about the death threatening and s u i c i d e (had to separate letters for privacy stuff) postings which contains question answers, confessions and some writings and those two things just gets me paranoid and freaks me out, I don't wanna woke up someday and check EP to find out that one of my friends is dead that's all, I apologize again if I offended any of you and tomorrow morning in exactly 8 hours imma delete the whole story about this issue EP Link and as for now I'm gonna apologize personally to everybody in my circle because I know this wasn't nice of me. You guys really rock! and without you all I'll lose a huge part of myself. Thank you cielxsebastian, onegoodsoul, xxcoolstorybroxx, iamelmo, kittychanel, vvictorique, ithebitchmsbitch, iamtryingmybest, kaylagamer3, princetitto. missgaga, athenakeene, mbreavis, lelli33, repetition, anotheryou & I could keep on writting all of your names but it's gonna take me so much time to mention all what you all have done for me and I need to send you the apologizes so Imma make this quick. I hope that nobody of you hates me now and if anyone wants to stop talking to me I'll only have myself to blame and I'll understand. Thank you again. Stay cool! and I'm really grateful for getting to meet you all.
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

Oh you are over sweet MK! :)) I wouldn't hate you or stop talking to you over such silly thing :)) I write plenty of stupid stuff myself lol don't worry and you should be free to write what ever you want :))

Thank you :) I just wanted to show my point :P

Dude, my status has nothing to deal with you. Since I different friends in my circle & they only kno a happy side of me, I'm just saying da last part just let other ppl dat I'm gonna be fine & wake up all better. *hugs tightly* I should be saying sorry cuz I got u worried

*hugs* that's alright no worries :)