Heres a Little Update On My Life

 okay, as most of you know, ive been single now for almost a year (thanks to my cheating ex)....anyhoo, i still have no child support, but.....yes there is a but. joseph and i are now on civil terms with eachother for the childrens sake. he has explained, for the most part, his money woes to me. what am i to do but relunctantly believe him. i cant disprove him and i dont intend to waste energy on what i dont know. he has agreed that once we go to court, we will arrange (an amount that i have chosen to be) my monthly payment. so i am very happy with that. he hasnt seen his kids since october which saddens me but there isnt much i can do other than just love them to the best of my ability. his girlfriend is still a bit of a nut. infact, she messaged me on myspace pretending to be him. the only reason why she got caught was because i was on the computer and talking to joe at the same time. i know that was embarrassing for him, but its not my problem, thankfully!!! i'm still not allowing her around the kids simply because of her immature behavior. and the man who used to fight me tooth and nail about the matter has finally come to accept that i decide when she meets them, not him. and considering our past conversations, i've been given the impression that he understands me rather than just complying with me.

also, good news, i start school march 23rd...YEAH!! its only a 7 month course in lab assistant, ekg tech, and phlebotomy. i'm excited to say the least. and i have night classes which allows me to stay at home during the day with my kids.

i'm still not dating, but once i get my child support and start feeling better about myself because of school, that will probably change =)

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thank you!!<br />

i hope things work out for you