Have you ever been so sad with so much on your mind and no way to get rid of it? You start talking about your problems and feelings and the people you love and need the most look at you as if you just morphed into a brick wall.? Welcome to my world were we have to turn to forums and interact with people we don't know to just get a little bit of the stress off our shoulders. And I have to say sorry for your troubles but I'm happy you're here......
Ikamlav Ikamlav
31-35, F
1 Response May 8, 2012

Happens to me quite frequently. I hate when I try to talk to my family and friends and they just brush me off and start talking about their own problems. I just wanna scream "SHUT THE HELL UP AND LISTEN TO ME!" Bu ive learned to stop talking to people who are to caught up in their own mess to care about my issues.