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Too Fat!!!

How Stupid.

This is a story about what is in my view utter stupidity.
Jessica Ennis is a British athlete, she competes in the Heptathlon (that's seven events over two days).
The current world champion at Heptathlon is the Russian woman Tatyana Chernova.

Chernova 24, is 6' 2" tall and weighs 138 lbs.
Ennis 26 is  5' 5" tall and weighs 125 lbs.

At the weekend these two women competed alongside the rest of the worlds elite heptathletes in a warm up Heptathlon in Gotzis in Austria.

Jessica Ennis won. Over the two days she amassed a score of 6,906 points. (The scores are worked out using a very complicated formulae that I don't understand, and i'm not bad at maths.)

This score, was the best by any woman for five years, and Ennis became only the eigth woman in Heptathlon history to score over 9,000 points.

So far so good, but here's the utterly atupid part. Having just established herself as one of the all time greats in Heptathlon, there is now a debate going on about Jessica Ennis's weight.
The question being asked is,. Is jessica Ennis too fat.

If  anyone can see any sense at all in this question, I'd love to hear it.

AlmostAristotle AlmostAristotle 61-65, M 4 Responses May 29, 2012

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Ari...You're soo right! This is craziness! An athlete competing at that level CAN'T be fat!! The other girl who is wayyy taller might have a less dense and smaller fr<x>ame. Bone and muscle composition can cause a big variable in weight differential! <br />
<br />
I am 5'5" and am underweight at 110 lbs. 120lbs. is my goal to achieve!! I'm fit but nowhere near star athletic status. The denser the muscles are, the higher the weight too. Muscle is wayyy heavier then fat!!<br />
<br />
I wish these folks would educate themselves before they pass remarks like this. To anyone with even a little bit of knowledge they sound really dumb when they say this sort of stuff!

You won't hear it from me Ari~..... :-)

Don't be so rude fat arse.

Oh, I hoped you couldn't see my posterior in my pics :(

I am laughing now!!!

She's bloomin' HUGE!!! A total heffalump!!!