I Miss Miy Kitty's ...

I know that it is banal ...
But I just lost my second kitty in four months.  First one to cancer, this one to old age.
I feel so, so, so, ... I don't know ...
I lost them both while they were in my arms.  Their last breaths ... I still feel both of them ...
I will never have any creature in my life that will love me so unconditionally.
I'm not sure if I deserve a happy afterlife but they surely do!
I love you Rocky and I love you OC.  May you play forever in a perfect back yard!
I will love you forever,
your joey
JoeKassel JoeKassel
1 Response Jun 1, 2012

Joe, it is so overwhelming to lose a pet. I am a cat person and always feel I will never have such a cat again after a loss. But, each time I allow another feline to enter my life, I find that though their personalities are so different, I again find something that loves me unconditionally. It is difficult to lose one cat but, two so close together, I can't imagine. The only thing that seems positive at all in such a situation is that one doesn't want them to suffer either. Hope you find another cat in time that needs you with whom you fall in love again.