Sorry my last post posted too soon and on request of losts of u I will finish it

Well today I am! Went to my ms house after my party and I could still barley move all morning but I had 2 full Bowles of cereal a cup of tea and a whole tub of fruit salad for breakfast I plonked myself on the sofa at my mums and didn't really move all morning I snuggled up in my fat and began my big gaining journey. There wasn't more than a 10min gap when I stopped eating. I waddled up around 12 to go out and meet my hubby for lunch he said it was a surprise so I put on my best t-shirt I got yesterday witch even with the xxl tag on it it felt rather snug. I must have gained a ton since yesterday!!!

He brought me to a Buffay or how ever u spell it!! As I hobbled over to my 3rd huge helping I saw a giant lady at lest 400lbs go baling up what looked like her 4th plate!!! I took this as a challenge so by my 5th I felt so huge I might pop I could barley speek with out feeling sick. My hubby paid and we got in the car(I had to sit it the bad my belly took up so much space) "honey" he said "there's something not quite right!" "U need to be fatter today"

My jaw dropped in astonishment making my triple chin wobble back and forth,"but I'm stuffed to the brim" he laughed leaning back and rubbing my stretch mark covered belly my brad new t-shirt barley stretching over my bloated stomach a suddenly felt a new urge to eat, he wanted to watch me pushed to my limits and then....well I could tell tonight was gunna be fun

So whole Sub later and a can of coke I couldn't walk littraly the weight of my ever growing belly was to much for my flabby thighs so with much efot
I got home and practically passed out.
A weired sensation woke me a tube was in my mouth. My hubby was feeding me down a tube (talk about weight gaining shakes or force fed!) I lay in bed relaxing as he finished and rubbed my giant belly it's only 2:00pm at the moment so there's still room for dinner! I lay here sprawled out taking up a double bed my hubby rubbing my belly saying how sexy I look!

I wish everyday was like this <3 I will make sure it is for a while I ate 10 pounds of food apparently before my shake so let's hope it's more by this evening my new top had given up and my belly is pouring out over my tighs. My hubby is squshing my belly and saying he can't wait until it's big enough to surround him in bed! And at this rate it will he in a few weeks my new goal is 380lbs because I love my fattening life. Tell u guys what happened at dinner
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What did you weigh at this point?

Hit 380lbs yet?

You are sooo lucky to have someone to encourage, care and just plain love you so much !
Grrrrr , jealous ! (LOL)