I Cant Stand It At Home Any More!!!

Im 21 and I still live at home by choices with my dad my mom died when I was 5 so its been kinda of hard I have a brother and a sister who are both older then me my dad has lost a leg and I take care of him but he just yells at me all the time and I cant stand it any more I love him but this is driving me crazy even if I forget something I get yelled at if I ask a stupid question I get yelled at and I understand hes not happy with life he lost his leg I would be the same way but yelling at me every 5mins I just cant do it any more I know he cares but yeah hes really not the type of dad that you could talk to about that kinda of thing or I probley would but I cant not really sure what to do he almost died last mounth because of the snow and he didnt even care like really could you care more about your life I guess I just dont like being treated like **** all the time and thats a nother thing I need to clean up after him all the time and I have a job and Im going to school so its not like I can stay home and do evey little thing for him so I just dont know what to do .
grlt grlt
18-21, F
Feb 22, 2012