Hi everyone, my name is Lynn. I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing here...all I know is that I need someone to talk to without being judged.
Okay, so I was raised a devout Christian. I kept a close walk with God my entire life until around the age of 15 when I met a stupid boy and got involved in some "stupid sin." He's out of my life now, and always will be. That's behind me though, and it doesn't bother me. What does bother me was that after this experience, I began to drift away from God, and, by the age of 17, I considered myself an atheist. I know, big drop right? Well, fast forward a few years, and now I consider myself an agnostic. I want to believe in God, but I'm just not quite there yet. Now, on to what is really eating my heart out... I recently read a book about a man who, in his twenties, discovered himself to be bisexual. Now, it's all I can think about. I've never really had feelings towards girls in that way before, but the idea of being with a girl doesn't disgust me like I think it should. I'm really freaking out. Am I bi? I don't want to be. But I can't get it out of my head. It's ******* torturing me; I'm going crazy.  
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Your religious beliefs will come when the time is right - don't worry about forcing your mind in any direction; let it flow with your thoughts. As for your sexuality, I would suggest referring to the Kinsey Scale. It's a great resource to use to describe your sexuality, and you can take some quizzes online if you want to feel sure. For instance, I'm a Kinsey 1, basically a heterosexual with a dash of fantasies for the same gendered. I'd never pursue, which is why I'm lower on the scale. Don't worry - if you don't want to be bisexual, you can simply choose not to be if you are comfortable in your own skin :)

You're just curious , remember curiosity killed the cat x)

Hi Lynn,well you sweety are just lost and confused in this world what you need is some time for your self you need to figure your self out and ,try to get away for a while,your not bi your just confused and maybe alone and confused and reading to much books about bi's thats probably geting you turned on,but you can get over those feelings you realy need to get out more and try to meet some one and just please try to be patient you ll meet some one soon and your life will turn around but dont think about just have fun with your life do things that you never did before try something new save up some money so you can go somewhere enjoy your life and, as for religion in my opinion religion is important for me it gives you something to belive in,something to hold on to when you have nothing else,it gives you strenth and keeps you strong no matter what you go through religion is beutifull and i think all religion are great and peacfull and teach us the same morals ,remember God is very forgiving and He loves each and everyone of us as if there is only one of us!He loves us no matter what we do!if your feeling doubtfull of who God is and is there realy a nother life after death and have lots of Questions about anything concerning this I recommand you do what I did i learned about christianity,judism and islam I had no religion before that i didnt belive in anything so for a whole month i learned about christianty then anoher month about judesim and another about islam,Ive learned that all these religions teach the same morals but diffrent beleifs and teachings but only slightly diffrent but i came to feel that Islam was the closess to me I dont know why but I fell in love with islam i used to hate that religion i thought it was a religion that taught people how to murder innocent humman beings and did not give any rights to women and children ,but it truly is a lovely religion that teaches us how to overcome many things in life ofcourse my parents argued with me at the beging they where even gona kick me outof the house (there christian),soo yup i converted to islam and im living my life with ups and downs but im thankfull for everything i got,and i respect every religion out there and hope the best for all man kind,and I hope you Lynn find your way and hope wither you choose christian or convert to judism or islam you remain close to God and I hope you ll be happy soonn i wish you all the best,good luck <3

oh and sryy for my grammer and speeling Im not very good in english Im russian but i tried my best i hope ive helped :)

Wow. That's an amazing story because honestly it's so hard to look past the rumors and lies about Islam. Many people are simply just uneducated and ignorant about the religion. It does not allow a person to murder an innocent human being. Killing someone makes you go AGAINST the religion and the teachings in the Quran. Al Qaida and all of those terrorists use Islam because they think it gives them an excuse, but they are doing the complete opposite of a religion. Islamically, you can only kill someone if they are evil and a threat to society, and if they attack you first! Also, Islam gave rights to women WAY before America, and Britain did. The arabs living in the region and culture at that time made it acceptable to not give women land rights. However, with the spread of Islam in the region, it gave women so many more rights than any other culture or religion at the time. Women had land rights, rights over their children, the right to divorce, the right to property, the right to their own bodies (which seems like a basic human right, but at the time, it was something that made women so liberated) I am a professor and have had my degree in this, and I can tell you that I've been meaning to convert for a while now. I am a woman, and I don't feel that the Hijab (head-covering) makes a woman opressed. Islamically, a woman can't be forced to wear it. She must believe in it. And love it because she respects her body. And because she loves herself and doesn't feel the need to show off her curves in front of another disgusting misogynistic man who has no respect for women at all. And I'm not saying I feel women can't be who they want to be. I'm saying Hijab is the right of the woman and the man in her family has no right to force it upon her. But I'm sorry everyone haha, i've been getting off topic. I just want to tell everyone to stay strong, and be perseverant with your beliefs. Love God, and I promise you won't be alone. xx

Sweetie...just because it doesn't disgust you doesn't mean you're bi!!!! But if ou wish for a experience, then o for it. In my opinion, god doesn't judge. In fact he forgives. There's no limit. Now, grant you, I'm no church goer, but I do know that any god is a loving god. So no matter what or who you are, if you chose god in your life, no matter if you want men, wome, animals, he will accept you. Just learn acceptance for you! Relax...get to know ourself better. Lol

hello dear !! really i can understand you and i can say i lived almost the same experience and its hart to get ride of felling of lost and remorse :( if you want to talk i will be glad to listen to you :)