I Feel So Alone

i had a really good friend and we told each other everything but then we got pulled apart and now i dont have anyone to talk to and i really need to express myself to some one and tell them everything i get really sad holding it all in and it gets hard sometimes dealing with it all by myself
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10 Responses Apr 27, 2012

try to start a personal journal and right all your feelings so you dont take it out on people instead you can wright it. i can assure you that it will work

Sounds like you have lots of responses but you can message me too! I have felt similarly.

It can be hard.I totally understand.You just want to express yourself but there are only a hand full of people you want to open up to.I am here.Talk to me friend.

i know exactly how you feel. i don't have anyone anymore that i can really talk to. i had a best friend that i met in first grade and then had more close friends that i made in fourth grade but all of them are pretty much gone now besides the rare "hello," (and sometimes talk a little, but it's weird now.) I have like one and a half friends. one is really reliable but shes struggling with depression and ive been finding that we just aren't good for each other, (she's also shy like me.) the other friend is just there randomly, so i don't even know if i should keep trying with her anymore. ANYWAY, i need someone to talk to, so i guess i'll message you now, :)

I know what you mean. I feel like im in that situation as well. Im 20 years old. If you need someone to talk to im here.

I hate to be alone.. theres just no one to talk to and you always feel like crap. Sometimes i just think to myself what is the point of life...

Im here.i find myself feeling the same way.i just want to rn away

thank you both

I understand, but there is more people that can be your friends. I'll be your friend, message me anytime.

I understand you well. Feels bad but don't think your friend was the only one to share in the world.I am here too to be your friend .