Pretending To Be Strong Gets You Weak!

Alot of us pretend that we are really strong and we convince others that no matter what i can face any damn thing because they have seen life on the other side. We tell ourselves so many times that we are really convinced that yes we are really strong but thats not really the truth. When we are becoming strong ,we are loosing a bit of who we are. All the failures they do make you strong but they take away a piece of you. The days when you were in school and the world to you appeared in that building. You never knew that there was a world that was awaiting you outside. The days in college, when we missed lectures, hung out with friends ,those penny fights over small things...that was it and today life throws at us larger issues...a job , making a safe and sound career that gives good returns lifetime, alot of people struggle through relationships, through shortfall of funds to do alot of things, some major heart breaks, set backs in career but is it really making us strong..No we are just compromising and those who do it quick and come in terms with it fast or rather show it to the world that the setback grew me into a better person proved that they were strong. But these setbacks, heartbreakups, financial constraints, career derailed all took away a piece of us... took away the zeal in us, the risk taking abilities, alot of us would say i learnt from my mistake and wont do it... but real courage is giving another shot to the mistake and making it happen in real, another chance to fall in love, another chance to fill the gap in financial freedom, another chance to prove yourself in your stream..thats where strength lies. Are all of us really strong? We have a side to us that we never tell anybody , we dont even tell ourselves because we are too scared to look at that part of us. Try imagining yourself at a situation that you would hate to be in..and there your heart sinks... We are trying to be strong by loosing a bit of us.
I am tried of bieng strong but do i gotta an option?*thinking*
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2 Responses May 7, 2012

yes , indeed faith keeps everything going... and i have not thought of giving up because if i had tho give then this is certainly not the time ...because i have come a long way in my struggle in life... i hope the best for your daughte, its easy to quit but difficult to continue.

Life is always throwning us curve balls.....all the hard things in life is what makes us who we are...something that helps me, is looking around and seeing some one else that is much worst off than makes me stop thinking poor me why is this me<br />
We have no choice but to be strong in spirit, do i sound like a Mom? LOL I seem to tell my daughter this all the time, she has had some really awful things happen to her and she has wanted to give up many many is very hard watching someone doing everything than can do to destory their life...and you can't do a thing about it..gosh seems I have gotton off topic here...Smile...things we be fine! Gotta keep that faith..