So I started liking the guy. And I got close with him. But I guess not close enough... I wanted to be more than friends, but I never told him. I regret never taking the chance. Now he has a new girlfriend. Everywhere I go, he's there... with her. And she's a really nice girl I try to be happy for her, but I'm not that strong. I had the chance, but I blew it. My friends make me feel better and I forget about him, and then it will come back and I just want to lay down and cry. And what makes it worse is... they make a beautiful couple. Should I move on or wait? I still want him desperately. 
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Dear Heartbrake,<br />
I can totally relate to you. When I started my first year in high school I was talking to a sophomore. We became friends and he liked me a lot. When I started to like him a lot too, I never told him. We would always hug at school and text every night. When I finally wanted to date him... I was to late. He started dating he best friend... She was a cheerleader... I was heartbroken... I cried myself to sleep every night... But I never told him that, I told him I was happy for him. I saw him every day walking her to class and hugging her and kissing her goodbye. We still texted everyday... I started to like him even more, but it hurt me so much I started to not text him everyday. After Christmas break we started talking a lot again... And then one day he told me he broke up with her... A few days later we kissed... It was my first kiss... That made me like him even more... But then he told me a secret... That hurt me bad, it hurt me so bad that I ran him back into the arms of his ex... That made it even worse for me... So what I am trying to say is, I know it's hard... But try your best to move on... I didn't so I ended up being more heartbroken then what I should've. I hope you figure it out.. The best of luck.<br />
-broken hearted girl

You did'nt blow it - really. Sometimes things just don't click between people. I would move on when you can and go and fall for someone else. I know its cold comfort but in a couple of years time you will be happy with someone else and will have lost your feelings for him :-)