Tired Of Being Tired.

I'm a 50 yr old single, childless woman. I have no friends and a job that I hate. I don't really feel good about myself because I feel like a loser. When I was younger, i never imagined that I'd be in this situation. I was sure that I'd be married with children and possibly grandchildren at this point in my life. I have nothing. I haven't contributed anything to society. I often question why I was even born. I will never win a beauty contest, but I'm not the most unattractive person in the world either. Everybody I know either has children, are married or in a solid relationship. I feel totally left out of society. I get tired of having to hear about other peoples excursions, their cute and funny little stories about their families, etc. I have nothing to contribute to the conversation. I basically do everything alone. I get sad and depressed when I see couples out enjoying their lives when I have nothing to do. I've had a couple of relationships in my lifetime. Obviously, they didn't last. Guys just want to date me for what they can get out of me. No one really cared about me. I don't take kindly to being used, so I removed myself from those situations. I have a couple of family members that I'm close to, but I don't have the guts to tell them how I feel about life. They would never understand and I don't need anyone telling me what a valuable person I am when I know in my heart that is not the case. I feel like the black sheep of my family. Most people that I know think that I'm a great and fun person. So, I don't understand why nobody wants to be with me. I understand that God put us on this earth for a reason and we all serve a purpose...I just don't get what mine is and I'm tired of trying to figure it out. I am so afraid of growing old because I'm going to be a lonely old woman. What if I get sick? I won't have anyone to take care of me. If this is how it's going to be, I wish God would call me home right now. I'm tired of this life.
Thanks for reading my story. I realize that the situation is what it is. I just needed to tell someone.
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Hello :) I know I am only 15, but I see a lot of adults/seniors lonely whenever I leave the house and I can see how painful it is. I've always expected myself to end up alone as well because I just felt so hard to love, but trust me, you will find someone and there may be another person out there, who is around your age and feeling lonely just like you are. :) If you really want to date, I say be more social and try volunteering at different organizations. Not only does that make you social and help you make friends and maybe even find a partner your age, you also contribute a great amount to your community. It's normal to be tired with life; it does get hard. Just remember to be your best friend & don't ever hate yourself, because you're so amazing and you will find someone - whether that be a friend, a partner, or a deeper bond with yourself. Good luck, take care. :)

hey usound likeme. my story goes beyond youres. 54 losses include buissness,family,friends,even faith.youre ok welcome to life.its a *****

you up

I'm not going to pretend I'm an expert. Me I'm only 18 and I have never been in relationship that had lasted longer that a few weeks. I'm not a religious person, but you never know what can happen. I often contemplate the meaning of my life, whether it'd be better if I had just never been born or what I'm going to do with my life. Personally I have found that doing a new group helped a bit, also many of my older friends have been romantically unsuccessful and have found solace in internet dating. I wouldn't give up hope, 50 is the new 30 and anything can happen in a year...

You remind me of my mom. She's 52, 3 failed marriages, no friends and a workaholic. I guess she has an outlet because she devotes her life to her patients. Reading this reminded me to spend more time with her and call her more often now I'm off on my own. I think it's good that you're speaking out. I think maybe you can make an effort to have closer friends by joining volunteer programs.

I understand how you feel. None of us chose this life, and sometimes it feels like there's nothing we can do but wait it out. I keep trying to tell myself that God exists, and that this is the trials before the reward of heaven. But recently I've begun to doubt. I can't really help you more than to urge you to hang on, because things can and will change. That's the only constant in life, that nothing is constant.

Everyone has something to offer someone. We all feel the way you do at times. My son is going thru this right now. He feels he has no friends. My advice is to find something you are interested in such as reading, music, hiking or anything. Join a club or group that you have the same interests and start making friends that way. You may not have best friends but you will be surprised how many people feel the way you do. Get yourself motivated to do this or volunteer for some interest, even Meals on Wheels. You must start feeling better about yourself. Don't be afraid to make the first move to ask someone to have coffee or go to a movie or anything. Some people don't know how to make the first move to be friendly. Don't worry too much about the far future think about now and how you can reach out to someone else. You will feel better about yourself if you do. Good luck. And remember, we've all been there.

Hello ladytw1962, My name is Dave. I am ,or used to be handsome however when I look at my self in the looking glass I look like a kid again. It's a trick that the mind plays' on us. Three months' ago I had my annual physical. I was still 6' 1" and weighed 230lb. I still have hair but it is thinning so I keep it short. (makes me look better). I also never had children. I have been married three times which I can explain. (it was not that i did not try) <br />
I like to fish in the sea & fly fish for trout. I hunt duck's, quail and phesant every season. I had a great dog (Black Lab) but he got old and sick and I had to put him down. Now I am alone and have nobody. I will be 66 yrs August 23rd. I don't have much money but I have a great gun collection and coin collection dating back to the revolution and enough fishing gear to outfit 8 or nine people. I used to guide trips but I am too old now. I know how to sharpen knives, tie your hooks', bait your line and teach you how to shoot shotgun's, pistol's, rifle's.or bow's.<br />
I am somewhat heathy. I take med's for Blood pressure, cholestorl, and I am type 2 diabetic.<br />
Non of my ailments' seem to slow me down (thanks to the meds) and I am planning a wild boar hunt in Nov. 2012, and a deer hunt in Dec. 2012 and many tuna trips in and about that time. <br />
It's nice to have the guy friend's but I really miss women. If I had just one that liked me for who I am and wouldn't bark at me for fishing or hunting too much, that would make me a happier man. I don't like being alone. So there is my story. If you like old guys' email.