Im Only 17...

I fel like my life is an endless circle. I just feel so depressed basically everyday now and it's always the same stuff me feeling like I was never ment for this world and like I should've never been born. I don't see a purpose in life and I dont see a reason to live it
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Take it from me this is something a lot of teens go through. I went through something similar when I was your age and I hated myself. As I got older I began to realise that life is good and that I was lucky a million times over for what I had. It will get better, I promise you and when you come out of that cacoon you will be amazed at the beautiful butterfly you are. Hang on in there and look for the glory in life. Trust me it is there!

watch the movie 'waking life'. It changed the way that i view life and human connection. I think everyone would benefit from seeing that..And i know how you feel. I'm 22 now, and i still feel like how you're feeling sometimes. Hell, i just googled 'i just want to talk to someone' because i'm feeling really down right now about a lot of things. But let me tell you this: Life's isn't always going to be what we wanted it to be, but as long as we keep living we have the power to change it. You HAVE the power to do SO much! What people don't realize is that everything we do, every decision we make has an effect on the world. And that's not some kind of burdon we have on our shoulders. it's an announcement to all mankind that WE ALL MATTER. we are meant to LIVE. Yea, there's a lot of bullshit going on. There are so many things that seem so out of control. Sometimes we will be physically alone and we just have to deal with that in the most productive way possible. But we MUST as a human race focus on what we CAN do. Small things. Smile at people. Have a random conversation with someone. Confront your feelings and express them in a healthy way. Man, i used to be uncontrollably depressed all the time. i was on Lexapro for a year. I felt like an emotional Hulk. But you really do learn to deal with problems and emotions you face in time. It's all about putting things in perspective. Also, getting outside of your own head. I would wallow in my own thoughts until the point of a panic attack. I wanted to die every day for a long time. But i did my best to deal with my spiraling emotions day by day, just reminding myself that each day really is a gift if we treat it that way. Meditate daily. Help people whenever you can. It sounds kind of corny but live by the golden rule. Make it personal to your surroundings. Listen to people. REALLY listen. Enjoy the small things...I feel like i'm ranting to you now, but these are things that have helped me out of my swamps.

I hope happiness and a true understanding of love and humanity find their way into your life. =) Everything's going to be all right.

**** i just realized this is from last year. hope you're transcending the bullshit!

I know how you feel don't worry.. Your not alone

I know how you feel, been there and sadly sometimes those feeling creep back inside of me making me sad again. But you shouldn't see the world and pain as "it's always going to be like this.." , there's many more days ahead, better ones. Sure, sucky ones too (.___. )' not gunna lie, but it's all about the next day, b/c today will be gone C: cheer up. you never know what's in store tomorrow

I've been there and I was so close to ending it all. I'm so glad I didn't because I can tell you that it does get better. The world is a beautiful place and so are you, you deserve to live life to its fullest.

i am 16 and i have felt like i am not worth the next breath that i take. i do not feel this way because i wont to people have shoved me here. people dont realise that what they say will effect those around them. so what i say to you is that you are worth every breath. no matter what anyone else says only you can really decide whether or not your life is worth living, they can not.

I know how you feel, I went through the exact same thing.

It really breaks my heart to see your post and if you want to talk to someone I am here, life is so worth living, ive come out of this exact dark time in my life and I love it again, I will talk to you...I will be your friend

Thank you that honestly means alot to me

If you add me to your circle I can message you, it won't let me add you for some reason