Mom Again

About 5mts ago I was forced to turn my daughter in for abuse on her 6 year old daughter. It was pretty bad to say the least. She was placed with me so I am now grandmother/foster. Baby girl is an amazing resilient insightful child especially for her age. This has of course torn me and my life apart. My daughter now Hates me. Threw that hate she is Come up with horror stories about her childhood. The things she is saying never happened. But that shed accuse me. As far as DCFS is concerned I am the grand parent when it comes to providing for her. But anytime someone involved in this is put out put off. During this time since DCSF is her "guardian" I have no rights I'm just the foster. And now my X Is in the mix. I just learned he gets every other weekend with her. I haven't been involved with this man for almost 20 years. He asked for my second husband to adopt my two kids. And he did my kids don't have their biological fathers last name they carry my 2nd husbands last name. That marriage lasted less than 3 years. I remarried for the last time and we have been together20 years 2 years of dating and 18 years of marriage. I guess I just wanted to touch bace with anyone that has been threw the same thing
Grandmommylonglegs Grandmommylonglegs
51-55, F
Dec 6, 2012