Cant Get Over Him

OK so yes I am only 15 and yes my boyfriend is 18 when you're 15 you "don't know what love is." I may or may not of been in love but then again, I experienced feeling that I've never felt with anyone ever before I felt the need to always make him happy, to always be with him, to treasure every moment I have with him, and then I found myself thinking about him all the time. And remembering all the little cute things he does for me, like open every door, when he played his guitar for me, to give me a hug every time he saw me, to text me 24/7, and my favorite when he sang the One Direction song to me You Don't Know Your Beautiful, and so many other priceless memories. So this was going on for about 5 months and then randomly we got into a huge argument about something so dumb, that still to this day I don't know why he got mad at me for it. But that's besides the point. A week or so goes by and me being the person I am, I was heartbroken, but not completely. So, I can't stop thinking about him, I want nothing to do with boys or relationships because none compares to him, I know being 15 that sounds weird and probably dumb to you guys but I really cared about him. I think I go everyday lying to myself telling myself that I am over him, and when I sit down and let my mind wonder he's they first thing think of. I always ask myself "what if" or " if only" or " how different would my life be if he was still in it" I debated if I should text him, and one night I almost did, not knowing if it was the right thing to do or not, I desided not to. So ironically enough he texted me the next day just wanted to talk, about random stuff. So my point is, do you think I should tell him how I feel and try to rebuild the relationship, or see if he makes the first move?
Hannah1474 Hannah1474
13-15, F
Jan 6, 2013