Become Someone Better

Hello all, lets start with the early childhood. Only boy in a family of 3 sisters, mother, grandmother, and father. Poor family during these times (so we were raised to believe). Since i was the only boy, i was the "stress reliever" for my father as he would not hit any of my sisters (i am thankful for this). I was a child of abuse, i was raised by my father a majority of my youth. During ages of 6-7, my mother had left to Honduras to have her teeth fixed. With my mother gone, there was no one to defend me. My grandmother was sick and my father was frustrated because of the bills. He came home one day and all i remember was a large hand grab the back of my head, and i woke up. I had been slammed head first into the lunch i was having (Ramon Noodle Soup) and woke up to my sisters pulling my teeth out of the soup. Its most unfortunate, but i remember everything vividly.
Moving to the teen years.
Being guided the wrong direction (due to excuses and my childish behaviors) I found myself in many binds. Always looking for the rush, and then suddenly regretting it when i was punished. We grew sugar canes in our yard (as my mother and grandmother where native from Honduras) which grew to around 3 inches thick and 4-6 feet in lenght. One day, i was caught smoking weed and was punished by my mother. I woke up at 3 am being dragged down steps into a garage by my feet and realized what was in store for me. Before i could get a word out, i was struck down.... (Lets get the size to picture. My father is a broad man, 6'5, 240lbs, military. I was 5'4, 130lbs.) Before i could get up, i realized what i was getting hit with.... The sugar cane we grew in our yard. If i recall, 4 canes where broken on my back, and 2 on my legs. With this, i was forced to work out (push ups and sit ups, yada yada yada) until my mother came down to see me covered in blood. Once the commotion calmed down and my mother had her way, my father stopped. I was told to go clean up and to head to school. Oh what fun, as i had to make up excuses for my limp, bruises, couldn't sit.
Lets move on to the later teen years
After learning my lessons on life (not by my father, but by my own will) I changed my life around. Sadly to say, it took 13 funerals of my friends to understand that i was going no where. It hit me like a train. I was becoming like my father.
I changed my life, dedicated myself to school and sports. Was kind to all, no matter who you where. I found myself wanted among my peers. Little by little i became wiser, smarter, kinder, and soon, stronger.
I am currently working full time as a Supervisor, taking care of my mother and sisters (father left my mother after 26 years. She was a tough woman. I give thanks every day that he never struck her.). Everything i have is through my hard work, and i am appreciated. I am kind to all, and hold no hate. I forgave my father for what ever he may have done, and thanked him.

Why am I writing this?

I am 22 years old, and my puppy of 16 weeks died today. He got caught in the kennel and strangled himself :(. I just got back from the vet and had his paw printed in clay to remember him.
For some reason, with this, i felt so compelled to write out a small story of my past, and to show everyone that no matter how hard, how tough, and how impossible something may seem, you can overcome it. Have faith in yourself, and know that there is always tomorrow, waiting for you to grasp it. Forgive others, find peace, and know that life will continue and you must embraces the happiest of moments, learn from the mistakes, and move on.
salpan salpan
Jan 6, 2013