im 15 my girlfriends 13 we had sex and now shes late for her period, me and her think she might be pregnant, i need help i cant tell anyone and shes too scared to tell anyone, we are getting a pregnancy test in a couple of days but i cant sleep im struguling, i just want to hide in the corner and scream!
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You can't just hide u must be strong I know that the both of you are young but wait for the results before you panic and think about what you intend to do should the test come back positive

Stay by her side that is the best thing you can do....IF YOU DON'T you will hate yourself for the rest of your life

This is really the time you both need to pray ask GOD what you should do/do If you are going to have a baby, rember GOD is the giner of life. It's not about being 15 or 13 it's about another person now. LORD help LORD HELP IN JESUS NAME.

Hiding in the corner and screaming isn't going to help. If she is pregnant, you're half the reason. You can choose to kill your child, adopt your child to a family that desires, has the time and money to raise it or grow up, give up your childhood and raise it yourself OR as many children do these days give it birth and hand it over to a grandparent to raise. It all comes down to what you want to be thought of as a man. As a man you need to figure out what is best for the baby. Babies need care, nurturing, LOTS of money for food, diapers, medical care, time, lots of time. You can't sit it in the corner and go play basketball. You have to support its mom or you can walk away and leave her to raise it alone ans act as if you're a big man because your a baby daddy. It's all choices. You have to decided who you want to be. You play with fire, you can get burned. You want to be treated like an adult...this is some of the decisions you have to make. Was the ****** worth it? It's all up to you!

This may be a sticky situation because of how old you are, but we are only human and we make mistakes. Sex is a natural thing to do. And I'm guessing the main thing your worrying about is, "Oh snap! What's my mom going to do/say if she's pregnant?!" However, parents will forgive you no matter what happens. They will support you and help you make the right decision whatever that may be. There are options when it comes to pregnancy. Something to consider next time though would be the morning after pill (Plan B, Emergency Contraception etc). With Plan B you have up to 5 days to take it for it to be effective. If you are planning on becoming sexually active I would recommend your girlfriend take birth control. Good luck!!

Dude, ALWAYS Wait And See.. Could Be BAD Yes.. Could Be Ok... But Dude For The Love Of God Take The Lesson, CONDOMS... BIRTH CONTROL...... Sex Is Awesome... Baby's Not So Much........

I understand how you feel. But no matter what stand by your girlfriends side. She needs you and you need her. This experience will make y'all closer if y'all are there for each other. Do not listen to the other people. Yes you should have used protection and waited until y'all were older, but do not git rid of the baby. It will be a choice you will have to live with for the rest of your life. If the test comes back positive what you need to do is tell your parents. They will be there for you. But what ever you do Please Don't git rid of the baby. There are schools for pregnant teen mothers and there is adoption. This is a child. A person. A human being. Yes this will be a hard time and it might seem to be "easy-er" to just get an abortion but it is not, there is the cost and the fact having to deal with the fact that you killed someone. Please, please look into adoption. You are saving a life.

Depending on your and her own personal fertility. . . I have Been there man. I too got "***** savy" at an early age (16) and my Gf was 15. Needless to say the ******* was illegal. So, we had a bunch of scares (but no baby ty god) across a 9 month relationship and I've got to tell you a few things that may or may not make you feel better.
1. The empty corner u want to hide yourself in is not empty. It is filled with every other horny person in the world who just had sex (with or without condom only true way of contraception is the pill IMHO) So consider yourself not alone, that may make you feel better.
2. In the near future I suggest that you do a thorough thought on where you want to be in a couple of months, years, decades, (ect, u get the point) do u see yourself still being with this girl? Is she worth it? How much more of her human development is coming about (both psychological and physical)?
3. The next time you feel aroused try thinking of this. Child support is VERY expensive. But not even close to expensive as it will be to the kid if you are not ready to be a parent. Now I know just about everybody who has had kids will know what I mean when I say "you will never truly be ready to have kids" but financial, emotional, and physical consistency kinda do make the workload a bit easier.
4. Lastly, life IS good. Just keep on thinking about that, life is good! If it seems a little...(insert ur own word here) at times then yeah, it has to happen every once in a while to make you remember how good life is.
Now for the part that will not make you feel better. You dug yourself into this hole. With your ****. Oddly enough, it provides a very good shovel to get deep in a hole, but not nessicarily good for digging yourself out of it. Good luck!
and always best wishes!
A. Amado

I like the way you put things.

Yikes! That is scary!

Like others have said, go to a clinic, Like Planned Parenthood, or a clinic in your area, they are free. You can even look up "free medical clinic in ______________" (and insert the name of the county where you live and you should be able to find a place and a doctor to help you with decisions if she is pregnant, health of baby and mamma if you decide to go in that direction, and with birth control methods. Basically you can tell them anything and they will help you, and its free.
Good luck!

I'm 31. My girlfriend has a son that is 12 so it's like a fast forward! I have a 9 yr old daughter as well but the point is that none of us ever planned on any of these things... But I can tell u from experience that I can't imagine what my life would be w out my daughter... My blessing... My love.

Sorry sweetie but you're going to have to tell someone. If she is you guys will have to man up and tell your parents and hers, even if you don't keep it. That's not something you can easily hide and no matter which way you decide to go it's something you're going to have to deal with for the rest of your lives. If you get lucky and she's not then count your blessings and wise up. Use condoms, she should be on birth control or just don't do it. Was one night of fun worth what you're going through now? What you're going to go through if she is? Takes 2 seconds to wrap it up. 2 seconds can save you from a lifetime of regret and wonder what you could of been/done if you hadn't had a baby so young in life....

get on the web and search for teen clinic's asap! they can provide you with a pregancy test and if she is not they will give you free condom's. they also will help you decide what you and your girlfriend should do if she is pregant. and if she is pregant not to be rude but get a paternity test befor you sign the baby's birth document. because soo many underage male teens get trap in child support and then find out that the baby was even theirs! and then the court will still make you pay because even though the child is not theirs the judge will see that they have raised a child and paid child support and the male teens lawyer cant do a thing about it except say sorry and the reason I know this is because when I went to sign up for child support from my daughter's father a man sitting next to me was telling me about this guy paying 15 years worth of child support and couldn't get a refund because he signed the child's birth certificate and most times you can get a refund but the few times you can't you are responsible for the back pay and child support if the mother cannot find out who the father is and the alleged father sign's the paper's.But do this in respect and talk with her! just some motherly advise! take care!

Life sucks, its not meant to be a bunch of happy Disney **** with no pain or struggle. Its time to grow up, you wanted to play the game so enjoy it! Enjoy the ride and learn the love it for what it is, its scary so be brave, it hurts so learn to sooth each others pain. In each life one death is certain, but not everyone learns to live. <br />
"Enlightenment is an open eyed man falling into a well."<br />
You might think I'm heartless but I just know the ending, I've read the story. There is no thing to fear. Learn to love the glass already broken. <br />
"You played for love with loaded dice, you cheated and now you pay the price."<br />
A new life is not such a bad thing. And think, you have learned a lesson. This is why people told you to wait, eh? They knew having a childhood would be a much better choice than giving it up to become a father/mother when you had the rest of your life to do that. Your wiser now. Maybe next time (if you get one) you will know better.

Wait for the results....
Learn the lesson.....
Be fair for the both of you!
You may just end up needing each other a lot more than you expected.
For the rest..... patience....discipline, yes, that is hard. The hardest thing you can ever learn, but it stays for a lifetime so it is worth it.

There´s more than one lesson to be learned here. Just do waht you heart tells you to. Be brave and face up to the challenge. Remember, if she is pregnant, it´s going to be 100 times harder for her than it is for you. She´s going to really need you.

Clara Hunny That is tripe Advice is that not what got them here in the first place??? Doing what their hearts told them then there clothing fell off ,he did not use any protection and now Like naughty children they are scared Shitless....They should not do what their heart tells them or they will be having 5 Welfare babies that you and I pay for by the time they are 18.

What they need to do is go to a free clinic in their area and they need to tell a trusted intelligent adult and ask for help. and Next time for God's sake use protection or better yet don't have sex until your ready to Use protection.Just think about all The STD's out there .

I think lesson is implied to be a whole in the big picture and all experiences gained from it. I apologize for the misunderstanding

Going to be 100 times harder for her? And you know this how? You were both a man and a woman? You have a special testing device that can measure suffering? Let's just stick to helping and looking at individuals and skip such things. I can tell you for one fact at least that as a man I have found few things more wounding than women making statements about men..... specifically these ones, they can be very hurtful.

If you truly understood my advice you would not judge it so harshly.