Alone In This World

Ever feel like your worth nothing? Like there is no one for you to talk to to? Like no one cares. Like no one feels your pain.
I'm 15. This all started when I was actually about 12. I am constantly fighting with myself in my head. I'm telling myself all day long. "You are nothing""Cut again""Grab the rope" I'm constantly thinking about killing myself. I tried getting professional help. But they didn't get me? I tried explain to my like 4 friends. They don't get it . No one makes an effort to talk to me anymore. I have no motivation. I don't even get why I am babbling?why am I even writing this. What's wrong with me?
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2 Responses Jan 6, 2013

you might want to try a different professional..perhaps you got the wrong one.Their job is to understand not to "not get you".what exactly do you mean he "didn't get you?"As far as your friends,people often times have difficulty with understanding the feeling that your having and that I have also had on and off for many years myself.Let it be ok that they dont get it and dont feel bad ok.Sometimes as hard as this was for me to accept,we get to be the ones to reach out and "make an effort".And sometimes it is that way for along time.That is how it is with me.People never have really been the ones to reach out to me and I struggled with that for many years.I was told by a very wise person that I get to be the one to reach.And you know what alone97,the more i reach out to people the better I feel.It is a wonderful feeling to know that you may have been able to help someone even if you don't get to know that right away.Your not babbling,your 'reaching out".And nothing is wrong with you..I completly get where your coming from and what your feeling but just keep going and know that your ok even if you dont feel that way.Remember,its just a feeling alone97 and feelings come and feelings go.They dont stay forever.This site was shown to me by my mother and I am truly grateful that I am here.Keep on keeping on..dont give up no matter how bad you want to.

Ok, so what kind of help have you tried getting? Maybe you are not talking to the right people.