...but No One Wants To Listen

I don't have many friends as it is. But anytime I do find someone I feel like I can talk to no one cares to be friends with someone who's having such a rough time in life. I come off as whiny I think even though I don't think I whine; I just need to vent all the time because I rarely can do it.
Christine268 Christine268
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Hey if they were really friends yhey would let you vent when you need to

I've never had any friends in my life. . . .

Wanna be friends?

What type problems u got?

I am glad there are people here who are ready to talk to you! Thats awesome right?!
It can be hard to always bear the brunt of everyone elses problems and not be able to share your own. That is more of a one sided friendship than a reciprocal one and can leave you feeling empty and depleted!
Time to fill yourself up with you golden light!
If you want someone to talk to on the phone live the you can call this website that has chummy chatters- basically friends to talk to online on the phone or over email.
it is chummychat dot com.

But in the meantime there are great people here too!
Also,there might be a group in your area to become a part of that meets and everyone can share their life stories!

Feel free to message/add me. I would me more than happy to talk and listen.

I would be honored to be your friend. I would like to talk and listen to you. :)